Contact our Senators about S. 4042!

On Thursday, April 7, just before a two-week congressional recess, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), joined by his colleagues Sens. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) and Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), introduced S. 4042, the Chiropractic Medicare Coverage Modernization Act, a bipartisan companion to legislation of the same name, H.R. 2654, in the House. The Senate bill was immediately referred to the Finance committee, which has jurisdiction on all matters related to the Medicare program.

Why is it important that this bill has been introduced in both chambers? Basically, a companion bill shows support in both the Senate and the House of Representatives and lends an added sense of credibility to the cause. Additionally, a bill now in both chambers opens further opportunities for passage. Learn more from this ACA blog post.

How can you support this legislation? Additional cosponsors are important, for both the Senate and House bills. Cosponsor numbers show support, and strong numbers are undeniable truths when it comes time to move legislation to the floor. Senator Maggie Hassan and Congresswoman Ann McLane Kuster would make especially powerful cosponsors of this legislation because of their positions on key committees. You can help to generate cosponsors by contacting your Senators and Representative through the ACA Legislative Action Center. Make sure your colleagues, patients, family, and friends do the same!

Spring 2022 NECC Summit in Portsmouth

On Saturday, April 9 the NHCA joined association leaders from across the Northeast for our 2022 Spring Northeast Chiropractic Council meeting. Thank you to Dr. Colby Lamson and Dr. Rachel Morgan of White Mountain Chiropractic & Rehabilitation for lending us the rehab space in your new Portsmouth office!
To hear our report on what we learned from other states at the NECC summit, members can join us on our monthly NHCA Board of Directors call this Wednesday, April 20 at 8:30 PM. Email for a link.

Share your story: Unfair Reimbursement Based on Provider Type

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) collaborated recently with the Patient Access to Responsible Care Alliance (PARCA), a coalition of non-MD healthcare providers, in submitting a letter to federal regulators urging them to enforce a rule that requires group health plans and health insurers to fairly compensate non-MDs for the same services delivered by other healthcare providers.

Do you have personal stories about how you have been compensated unfairly by a group health plan or health insurer? You can support the ACA’s advocacy on this issue by sending your stories to them today.

Introducing Association Manager Leah Stagnone

The Board of Directors is pleased to welcome Leah Stagnone as NHCA’s first association manager. Ms. Stagnone accepted a contract offer to start as Executive Manager in March 2022. She comes to us with a breadth of experience in non-profit operations, and previously served for two years as Executive Assistant to the NHCA. We are convinced that her skills and contributions to NHCA leadership will provide the best next step for chiropractors in the Granite State.

Stagnone’s previous work includes several years as a volunteer healthcare policy advocate in the NH legislature, giving her experience and familiarity that will advance our collaborations and initiatives in Concord. She has previously testified publicly on a number of bills to advance patient-centric healthcare in the state. Furthermore, in the past year she has demonstrated an ability to deftly organize and coach NHCA stakeholders. Her work included supporting bills to regulate chiropractic co-pays, and to establish coverage standards for non-pharmacological pain care.

Additionally, her resume includes several years with ABLE NH, a non-profit in the movement to protect the rights of people with disabilities. There she gained extensive experience in membership recruitment, volunteer management, in-person and online event planning, social media management, and the general operations of a small non-profit organization.

Stagnone notes that, growing up the daughter of a chiropractor, she is familiar with the chiropractic community and culture, and also has a great appreciation for the doctors’ role in quality health care. She states:

“I feel well-equipped to take on more responsibility with the NHCA, and with this opportunity to
dedicate more time to the association, I see great potential for progress in membership
numbers, communications, continuing education offerings and turnout, social media presence,
legislative advocacy, and so much more. This potential has been clear to me over the past two
years, and I often wished that I could give more time to work toward these goals. I am confident
in my ability to build relationships with doctors throughout the state, energize new members
around issues impacting the profession, and grow the NHCA’s reputation as a trusted, influential
resource for New Hampshire chiropractors.”

With Stagnone’s help, NHCA looks forward to helping chiropractors serve their communities’ health even better.

Chiropractic Pediatrics Seminar – March 2021

The New Hampshire Chiropractic Association, along with the ACA Pediatrics Council, is pleased to announce our first professional development opportunity of 2021.

The NHCA and Pediatrics Council collaborate to bring you a chiropractic pediatrics seminar line-up you can’t miss:

  1. Dr. Jessie Young: Chiropractic Management of Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTs)
  2. Dr. Elise Hewitt: Chiropractic Care for Sub-Optimal Breastfeeding (Sponsored by NCMIC)
  3. Dr. Hannah Anderson: Food Sensitivity and Allergy Testing in Children
  4. Dr. Gina Sirchio-Lotus: Solid Food Introduction and Nutrition in Young Children
  5. Dr. Jo Nell Shaw: Vitamin Recommendations and Dosages for Infants and Children
  6. Dr. Mary Minser: Childhood Obesity

All presentations will be presented remotely by Zoom. Each presentation is 2 hours for a total of 12 credit hours, approved by Texas Chiropractic College or PACE.  The event will run from approximately 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday, March 20 and Sunday, March 21. Registration costs $300, with special rates available for NHCA members, Peds Council members, and current students.

A reminder that 2021 is a re-licensure year for New Hampshire chiropractors! You need to be able to document 20 hours of continuing education attended since July 2019. This pediatrics seminar will cover 12 of those CEUs. You can submit all of your hours from online education in the 2019-2021 licensure period (read more).

Register now

COVID-19 Vaccine Now Available for Chiropractors and Staff

Chiropractors in NH may now schedule their vaccination at will. This also includes chiropractic assistants and administrative staff with regular patient contact, such as at the front desk.

Unless you are affiliated with a hospital, you will need to schedule your appointment at a NH-Managed COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic (not at a hospital). Register online using the instructions at the link below.

Access to the vaccine is free. Participation in vaccination is voluntary. Additional considerations may apply for those with a history of immune dysfunction or reaction to other vaccines.

A few instructions based on our experiences so far:

  1. Pre-register at the link above.
    • You should select “At Risk Health Worker”, then “Front line clinical staff + support staff” from the dropdown lists.
  2. Wait for a scheduling email from CDC staff. This took 1-4 days in my office.
  3. When your registration email comes, register with VAMS. This includes major medical concerns and insurance info.
    • On the Organization page, under Role type “Chiropractor”, and under Priority choose “Outpatient health care provider”.
  4. You’ll be taken to scheduling a location and time. Be sure to choose a “State of NH” site (not a hospital site) or you will get rescheduled.
  5. On the day of your appointment, arrive with your confirmation text/email and a photo ID.
Schedule your appointment here