Meet NHCA members Drs. Bryan Natusch and Amber Mclelland from Upper Valley Chiropractic in Lebanon, NH. They have been serving the people of the Upper Valley for 18 years!

About Upper Valley Chiropractic 

In addition to Drs. Bryan Natusch and Amber Mclelland, the team at Upper Valley Chiropractic also consists of Molly Pepin, DC, Courtney McLelland – office manager, and Liza Ladd – Tech Assistant. They work together to make patients of all ages feel welcomed, safe, and part of a great community and family within the office.

Upper Valley Chiropractic sees pregnant women, newborn babies, kids, athletes, and people of all ages. Their focus of care is all about the brain and body connection, resetting stress patterns, and finding balanced function in a chaotic world. Much of their care uses techniques of “asking the body or innate wisdom” for the areas and types of adjustments needed. This can be conventional manual adjusting, instrument adjusting, pressure, positional patterns, functional neurology, energetic, visceral adjusting, or even emotional adjustments. These approaches are developed from their training in techniques like KST, SOT, ICPA infant adjusting, Webster’s, AK, Diversified, Thompson, ENAT, Natural Force Healing, TS Line evaluation, etc. To support the brain and body resets started by the adjustments, they use therapies like PEMF, light therapy, FSM, BrainTap, Earthing, Softwave, breathwork education, Rezzimax vibration, laser, and more. Lifestyle education and whole food nutrition are extremely important to them and as their own journey develops, they incorporate this into care recommendations at the office as well.


About Bryan & Amber 

Bryan and Amber moved to Lebanon, NH from Davenport, Iowa and Toledo, Ohio in 2004. Amber got started in NH covering for and then working in McLain Chiro in Lebanon. Bryan started at Parent Chiropractic in Londonderry. These were great opportunities and got them started in the development of their now thriving practice. They have 2 children, Rhys – 12 and Peyta – 9, who were both born at home. Bryan’s father is a chiropractor, which is where he started his journey of learning natural healing methods. He grew up in northern New Jersey and was an athlete in soccer, tennis, and skiing. The outdoors are his soul-fuel, and he loves paddle boarding and mountain biking in the summer, and skiing, fat biking, and kite-skiing in the winter.

Amber is also a successful author and writes fiction series with more than 30 books published and available on Amazon under the name Amber Lynn Natusch. Amber grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and moved to Ohio when she was in high school. She attended the University of Toledo with the goal of becoming a physical therapist, but by graduation she was already on a new career path. Amber was a dancer, and she developed a debilitating knee injury while dancing. The injury became so bad she couldn’t run and she couldn’t teach dance. She begrudgingly went to a chiropractor. To her surprise, the chiropractic experience was such a positive one that Amber decided to become a chiropractor herself. She enrolled in Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa. It was there that she learned the importance of healthy nerve function, made some amazing friends, and met Bryan while playing soccer. Amber has always wanted to work with pregnant women and children, but she feels even more passionate about it since becoming a mom. She has seen through raising their own children how vibrant and healthy kids can be when raised in a natural and organic environment. She’s a natural at tuning into and speaking the language of babies, and loves spending much of her time in the office working with this population. She loves connecting to nature with time on the beach in Scarborough, gardening, and watching over their backyard chickens. She trains in Muay Thai and has a mean knee and a very sharp elbows.

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