New Hampshire DHHS Phase 1a vaccine allocation strategy includes (1) health workers with direct human contact, (2) older adults in residential care settings, and (3) emergency first responders. Since chiropractors work in direct patient contact, DHHS has allocated vaccination to us as part of Phase 1a.

As of December 29th, vaccination has begun, but supply is not yet available except for the highest risk groups. Limited doses of vaccine are available and the health worker community will largely self-regulate to ensure that we have enough doses for those at most risk first. Since we do not generally work directly with known COVID-19 patients, chiropractors are broadly considered Moderate Risk health workers (see Phase 1a plan, appendix A). We encourage coordination within practices to make these determinations.

We anticipate that moderate risk health workers including most chiropractors may seek the vaccine around January 15. This includes chiropractic assistants and administrative staff with regular patient contact, such as at the front desk. This will be for the first of a two-dose series, with three weeks between doses.

Unless you are affiliated with a hospital, you will need to schedule your vaccine appointment at a NH-managed COVID-19 vaccination clinic (not at a hospital site). Thirteen sites are arranged regional about the state. You will be able to register online for an appointment.

Access to the vaccine is free. Participation in COVID-19 vaccination is voluntary. Additional considerations may apply for those with a history of immune dysfunction or reaction to other vaccines.

For full details and instructions, please refer to the special notice from the Office of Professional Licensure, which was emailed to all licensees on December 31st. Download it here.

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