Chiropractors in NH may now schedule their vaccination at will. This also includes chiropractic assistants and administrative staff with regular patient contact, such as at the front desk.

Unless you are affiliated with a hospital, you will need to schedule your appointment at a NH-Managed COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic (not at a hospital). Register online using the instructions at the link below.

Access to the vaccine is free. Participation in vaccination is voluntary. Additional considerations may apply for those with a history of immune dysfunction or reaction to other vaccines.

A few instructions based on our experiences so far:

  1. Pre-register at the link above.
    • You should select “At Risk Health Worker”, then “Front line clinical staff + support staff” from the dropdown lists.
  2. Wait for a scheduling email from CDC staff. This took 1-4 days in my office.
  3. When your registration email comes, register with VAMS. This includes major medical concerns and insurance info.
    • On the Organization page, under Role type “Chiropractor”, and under Priority choose “Outpatient health care provider”.
  4. You’ll be taken to scheduling a location and time. Be sure to choose a “State of NH” site (not a hospital site) or you will get rescheduled.
  5. On the day of your appointment, arrive with your confirmation text/email and a photo ID.
Schedule your appointment here