Please see the below chart. Per member per month (PMPM) health care expenses, by category, for those Community of Care (CoC) members enrolled in AIM’s Integrated Chronic Pain Program (ICPP) versus those members who were referred, but not enrolled. Both the experimental group and control group have compared data at 12 months pre-referral and 12 months post-referral.

AMI in Rhode Island, continued

 Additionally, the program demonstrated a positive influence on members by improving physical and mental function, reducing pain, fatigue, and depression.
 Pain levels measured on a pre and post treatment basis improved by an average of 42% based on a study of 345 patients with an average of 11 encounters/visits per year. A breakdown is presented in the chart below:

A Patient Satisfaction Survey conducted by an independent third party revealed the following results:
o 92% Agree or Strongly Agree their CAM provider reduced their pain level.
o 82% believe the quality of daily life has improved by participating.
o 96% would recommend the program to friends or family suffering from chronic pain or fatigue.
 Under this same study, 126 people were asked if they were satisfied with AMI’s ICPP. Here are those results: