Our Mission

Establish New Hampshire chiropractors as the foremost authority for neuromusculoskeletal
health and overall wellness.


Our Vision

We envision a culture where chiropractic care is the first choice for patients seeking relief from
neuromusculoskeletal complaints, injuries and those seeking assistance with overall
improvement of their health.


Our Values

We honor the diversity and heritage that is chiropractic, and will strive to promote unity without
uniformity within our profession. The NHCA will support each member and protect their practice
rights as well as our profession’s regional autonomy.

We support the statutory authority of the individual practitioner to examine, diagnose and treat
the living human body and its conditions by any method taught by accredited chiropractic

We embrace chiropractic as a unique healthcare discipline which focuses not only on rapid relief
of symptoms but also on the restoration of one’s health, without the use of medications or

We are committed to the education of our members, our patients, other healthcare
professionals, and the public at large. We welcome and encourage collaboration with medical
physicians and other health care providers in caring for patients.

We believe all persons should have direct and equal access to chiropractic care, unhindered by
discriminatory legislative, regulatory or insurance obstacles not seen in other health care