Chiropractic & New Hampshire State Laws

Statute governing the practice of chiropractic in the state of New Hampshire:
Health insurance participation and coverage:
  • Coverage and reimbursement in health insurance (RSA 415)
  • Managed care requirements for chiropractic coverage (RSA 420-J)
  • Health Maintenance Organizations (RSA 420-B)
  • Preferred provider agreements in health benefits plans (RSA 420-C)
  • Health care providers in Workers’ Compensation Law (RSA 281-A)
  • Discount medical plan organizations (RSA 415-I)
Licensing and legal:
  • Office of Professional Licensure and Board of Examiners (RSA 310-A)
  • Medical imaging licensure (RSA 328-A)
  • Members of Professional Standards Review Organizations (RSA 507:8-c)
  • Medical records in civil court (RSA 516)
Business structure:
  • Purpose of Professional Corporations (RSA 294-A)
  • Purpose of Professional LLCs (RSA 304-D)
  • Purpose of Professional Partnerships (RSA 304-A)
Interprofessional role:
  • Required reporter for child abuse (RSA 169-C)
  • Role in public health and controlling communicable disease (RSA 141-C)
  • May refer for occupational therapy (RSA 326-C)
  • Other professionals not practicing chiropractic unless licensed (RSA 328-E)

This information was assembled using the New Hampshire General Court Legislation Text Search and term “chiro*”, updated with changes up to October 2020. It is not confirmed to be an exhaustive list of applicable law.

For rules (the application of established laws), please see the NH Chiropractic Board of Examiners.